Corduroy is a four-piece band from Norrköping and the similarities with Manchester don’t stop with just the factories and their own love for the Manchester scene. Corduroy makes dreamy indie pop with a big dose of reverb and hovering guitars. It’s stylish and smooth and it feels both refreshing and familiar. The distinct vocals contends with different layers from the rest of the band creating a multifaceted wall of sounds. They released their first songs last fall and this spring it’s time for their debut album.

The debut album is released in june and captures the grey parts between the small glimpse of happiness that life can offer you. A theme that you can’t construct because all you know is how to survive in a dingy post-industrial society far away from shiny filters and long lasting joy. 

Except for all that, Corduroy will make you smile and they will be your guiding star during this spring when we all just want to move towards something better. 

Corduroy is Amanda Wallin, Olle Rosén, Martin Boström and Serafim Kristjansson.

Press Photographs: August Wikström

Contact: corduroypost@gmail.com